Why it’s better to play on an online casino vs a land-based casino

If you’re a seasoned player of casino games in any form, it’s likely that you’ll have experienced both land based casinos and their online equivalent, and have formed your own opinion on which is best for you. Perhaps you like the sociability and glamour of a land-based casino, or perhaps you like to focus on the game in the comfort of your own home. However, if you’re confused about which type of casino is best for you, this short guide explains the advantages and disadvantages of both types.

Benefits of Land Based Casino Use

While playing at a land-based casino is not for everyone, there are a few benefits to it. The main one for a lot of people is the element of socialisation: they’re a great place to hang out with friends, meet new people, and chat while you’re playing. However, it’s good to note that there are other ways to socialise with friends and that some online casinos do offer rooms with live dealers and opportunities to chat with other players.

The other major advantage of land-based casinos (for some people) is the atmosphere – some people like to see real roulette wheels, flashing lights, and friendly cocktail waitresses, as well as enjoying a few drinks and hearing the sounds of a lively casino. It really depends on your personality, as some people love the casino atmosphere while others find it distracting and unnecessary.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the perks you’ll be given in a land-based casino are different than the ones you’d get in an online casino. For example, they might offer you free access to the buffet, an overnight stay at their property or tickets to a show – all nice to have, but those players who are there for the games rather than the sociable atmosphere are likely to prefer the arguably more useful perks and bonuses offered at online casinos.

Benefits of Online Casino Use

The most obvious benefit of online casinos in the UK, as opposed to land-based casinos, is the convenience. You can play whenever you want, wherever you want, with no need to worry about what to wear or how you’re going to get home. This is especially useful for those with families, who don’t want to go out in the evenings, or those who live rurally and can’t easily access a land-based casino. Many people also feel that their home offers a greater level of comfort, as well as fewer distractions. It’s also better for those who prefer to stay anonymous while gambling, or who prefer to fit in a few games during their break at work or while on the train.

Another huge benefit of online casinos, as alluded to above, is the range of bonuses and offers that they provide in an attempt to compete with the established land-based casinos. Pretty much all online casinos will offer you some kind of bonus for joining, whether they choose to match the initial amount you deposit or just give you some credit to get started, which you will have to wager a set amount of time before withdrawing. They’ll also send you offers through email, and may have a VIP programme that will allow you to earn a wider range of perks. Lots of players prefer these offers to the ones offered by land-based casinos, which tend to focus on your enjoyment of the experience rather than maximising the money that you can actually win from the games. Plus, it’s nice to be able to try out games for free at online casinos.

Finally, there’s an extra advantage for poker players who choose to play in online casinos rather than land-based ones. All of the world’s best poker players play online poker as well as land-based poker, and that’s because while in a land-based casino you’ll only be able to play one hand at a time, in an online casino you can play up to 24 tables at a time. This, of course, massively increases the amount that you can make playing poker.

To conclude, the decision between online casino vs land based casino playing depends on why you play and how much socialisation and atmosphere matter to you. However, it also seems likely that if you want to focus on the games themselves and making money from them, online casinos will be more appealing, as they offer greater convenience paired with better bonuses that will help you to maximise your winnings in the most efficient way.