Eventually Something Has Got to Give – Online Casino Jackpot Guide

Slots are a game of chance. Casino enthusiasts love these games because they give you the opportunity to win large sums of money. UK online casinos offer many slots jackpots, and most of these are regularly won. Before playing these casino jackpots, you can try the free games first. This will help you understand the rules of the game and even learn how to apply some of the winning tips. That being said, these games rely on chance, so you don’t really need much skill to win their jackpots. You primarily need luck. This article will cover some of the popular online slot jackpots.

Mega Fortune Wheel

The Mega Fortune Wheel slot game is particularly popular with fans of the Wheel of Fortune show. There are four Mega Fortune progressive jackpot slots: the Gold Quick Jackpot, the Gold Super Jackpot, the Gold Blitz Jackpot and the Gold Mega Jackpot. The highest standard jackpot is worth a maximum of 5,000 coins, which translates to about £50,000. This game should not be confused with NetEnt’s Mega Fortune game which also offers four jackpots.

The Gold Blitz Jackpot has the smallest payout. The biggest payout was made in 2016, and it was worth £4711. Players like this jackpot because it offers them very high chances of winning. Statistically, it is won once in every 14 hours. You can play the jackpot with any amount of money, but lower amounts will worsen your odds. You get to win the Gold Blitz if you choose a symbol with a dollar sign. Players can choose 6 out of 9 signs for a chance to win the jackpot.

The Gold Super Jackpot has an average payout of about £52,000. So far, it has been won more than 100 times, meaning at least one player wins the jackpot every month.

The second highest jackpot in the Gold series is the Gold Quick Jackpot. It has an average payout of £7,500 and is won once every seven days. To win the Gold Quick Jackpot, you will need to access the bonus game feature. Gaining entry into the game is entirely dependent on luck, but your odds of getting access to the jackpot are increased if you play with higher amounts of money. You will have to pick two icons with the dollar sign in order to win. If you get anything more or less than this number, you lose the game.

The Gold Mega Jackpot is the highest of all the Mega Fortune jackpots. On average, winners walk away with about £670,000. The prize is won once in every few months, and this is a very high frequency for such a massive jackpot. To play, you will need to go to the Jackpot Feature and select 6 of the 9 symbols. Each of these symbols gives you a certain level of the jackpot. For the Gold Mega Jackpot, you have to choose the highest amount of dollar sign. This means you have to select the four dollar signs. This jackpot can also be played with any amount of money, but lower amounts will lower your chances of winning.

Mega Moolah Jackpot

Mega Moolah became famous as an online slot game because of its progressive jackpot. The bonus is triggered randomly by the casino software, and it gives players the chance to win up to £750,000. The slot game uses wildlife symbols such as lions, zebras, and the buffalo. These are meant to make the game bright and friendly. Mega Moolah is highly popular with novice players, mainly because of its standard approach.

Mega Fortune Dreams

The Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot is considered one of the best progressive slots jackpot, second only to the original Mega Fortune. You can win this pot by playing the 5-reel, 20 lined or the 3-row slot. The game features three significant slots. These are the Mega, Major and Rapid jackpots. The Rapid prize is the smallest of all the three, and this makes it the most frequently won. On average, players receive £436 for every win. The Major Jackpot has an average fall out of £43,000 while the Mega Jackpot gives about £3,300,000 every time a player wins.

Safe UK casino sites with jackpot games

Online jackpot slots can offer you the chance to win a lot of money. However, you should only play a game which you know and understand. Otherwise, you can end up losing money consistently. With prize sums in the millions it is extra important to play at a reliable operator that can guarantee your winnings. For safe alternatives for players residing in the UK, visit topcasinosites.co.uk.