How to improve your online poker skills and get rid of bad habits

The annoying thing about bad habits is that we often don’t realise that we have them. They are so ingrained in our lives that we are not conscious of how they affect our performance at work, in relationships, or at the poker table. This set of poker tips is designed to make those bad habits visible: the first step towards curing yourself of those unhelpful tics and habits is to acknowledge which ones you are suffering below. Use the guide below as a checklist to determine which aspects of your online poker strategy need attention.

Bad habit 1: getting involved with the wrong types of players

Many poker player make this mistake of thinking that every game will be the same. This is not the case. Ditch the habit of launching yourself in to games that are not going to provide you with much monetary value or enjoyable gameplay. One example is games that involve a lot of very tight players. Let’s face it: you are not going to squeeze much money from them, no matter how well you play. In this instance, if it is money you are after, it is best to fold and walk away from the table, trying your luck elsewhere. Get in to the following good habit: monitor the way that the other players are playing for a few rounds (or even sit on the sidelines and observe their game without playing yourself if your online casino allows it). Once you have gauged how the game will pan out for you, decided whether to walk away.

Bad habit 2: not keeping notes

You may feel that a poker game was so intense and exciting that you will never forget it but all too often you will find yourself struggling to remember how you played within minutes of leaving the table. So take notes. Take notes on how you played so that you can go back and reviee them and identify your strengths and weak points. Take notes on the other players too; this is particularly helpful if you play with the same people on a regular basis as you will quickly notice patterns in the way that they play which will help you to create the ultimate strategy for defeating them.

Bad habit 3: chasing losses

This can be one of the hardest temptations to overcome: you have lost some money so you keep on playing in a desperate attempt to win the money back. Any poker tournament tips guide worthits salt will tell you that this is a sure fire way to lose even more money, not least because you are likely to be so fired up with annoyance, anxiety and desperation that you will make some very bad decisions. Develop this good habit: when you are on a losing streak, walk away from the table, conserve the remainder of your bank roll, give yourself some time to calm down and lick your wounds, reflect on why you lost so you can improve your strategy and return to play another day.

Bad habit 4: playing with an insufficient bankroll to support you

You should never sit down at the poker table unless you have enough money to fund every single round. Banish those thoughts of winning enough money in the middle of the game to fund loose and lavish play in the final round: you have no idea whether Lady Luck will be on your side and will permit you to do this. Playing with an insufficient bankroll is such a bad habit because it means that you find yourself being forced to fold when your cards were promising because you cannot afford to lay dowm any more stakes, or being forced to play a super tight game in the final round precisely when big risks are called for to force your fellow players’ hands.

Let these online poker tips show you the pathway to success

Believe in yourself: you can ditch those bad habits and you can do it today. Replace bad habits with good ones and you will be well on your way to a substantial winning streak.